Suffer from gregarious and scared disease to be able to have what show – every day net of preserve one’s health

Suffer from gregarious and scared disease to be able to have what show

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Suffer from gregarious and scared disease to be able to have what show


Gregarious and scared disease is a kind of psychogenic disorder, affected one the individual’s life badly. So, what show can the person that has gregarious and scared disease have? We look together.


Gregarious phobia patient always fears the meeting is fie-fie before others, before attending any societies to meet, they can feel exceeding anxiety. They can imagine how they are before others fie-fie. When they are together with others really, they can feel more factitious, do not say to give a word even.


After ending when the party, they are met the ground reviews a moment ago scene in brain, how do reviewing his handle each detail, how should oneself make gift correct. These two kinds of gregarious phobia have similar body symptom: Buccal doing, perspire, the heartbeat is acuteness, think a toilet. The symptom that the person all round may see has: Stammer of blush, impediment, slight tremble.


Occasionally, the patient discovers him breath is hurried, hands or feet is icy. The worst result is, the patient can be entered terrified condition. Gregarious phobia dispute often affects a kind of psychogenic disorder that patient life works bitterly, badly. A lot of average people can easy to do the thing that do, gregarious phobia patient however be terrified by the sight of sth or sb. The patient may think he is insipid person, think others also can think in that way.


Then the patient can become too sensitive, do not be willing to disturb more others. And such doing, can make the patient feels more angst and depressed, make gregarious bloodcurdling symptom farther thereby exasperate. A lot of patients change their life, will get used to oneself symptom. They (the family with them) must miss a lot of significant activities.


The place on put together is narrated, have the person of gregarious and scared disease, they cannot establish normal human relationship with the person. Want so as soon as possible treat gregarious and scared disease, avoid to affect oneself life.