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Suit the decompression little skill of middleaged man

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 Face busy the job that is not over, face complex human concern, face on have old, next having little life responsibility, nowhere is not in the pressure of middleaged man. Loosening his is not an easy thing, belong to the sort of work effort when you especially, chase the man of the career. So, state religion is taken a fancy to to grind in light of family of director of research center of net family education, marriage teachs the proposal of expert ox beautiful jade!

Draw up trouble come to the United StatesPsychologyAssociation adds praise highly to compose decompression fully this kind of means. What is the content of writing?

Include your pressure experience, everything of physiology, mentally is vexed. Writing is the decompression method with a kind of distinct effect, want a piece of a pen, paper only, go where OK to execute. Be in the United States, not only hospital doctor encourages psychologyDiseaseThe patient writes down sickbed diary, also begin even a few bookshops to sell ” of log of blank “ anamnesis, even still special book and magazine coach how older people is operated from feeling pressure.

Take a case of “ happy emergency treatment”Work and do not mean bowstring to always stretching tight. Timely loosen, the “ that if rest,saying rests, have a break ” , can have profit to body and mind. Accordingly, might as well a few joke books are put in the office, when you feel nervous be agitated, use time of 5 minutes to see two little joke, or it is to follow a colleague to chat a little, guess a few brains each other take a sudden turn, it is the good plan that adjusts the mood. Believe mere a smile can let you weigh Zhen Liang’s good mood.

Take bit of reduce pressureFoodMedicine considers to discover, certain food can reduce pressure effectively, be like redfishFish, the fish such as Wei fish. In addition, the tuna that contains a lot ofselenium element and garlic also can significant reduce pressure. Vitamin B2, B5 and B6 also are decompression good helper. Working clearance, can come to a cup put on the iceCoffee, can well slow the mood.

Put authority to give subordinate a lot of leads appropriately often take care of everything oneself, everything should guard a pass personally. But one the individual’s energy is very finite, square field surface of the job is impossible can give attention to two or morethings. Accordingly, desertion the chains of perfect creed, trustful subordinate and colleague, proper the ability that put power is the correct path that avoids “ to accumulate Lv to become disease ” .

Make life much appearance colorful might as well move ideas, alternate the means of the life, if buy this cookbook, trying to make a few fresh cooked food, or it is reason seeking a site, whole now and then family comes candle power dinner. Time calm place sees the time of TV everyday, whether can instead goes out to take a walk or beMotion. Arrived holiday, the family is OK and collective go on a journey.

   Every day preserve one’s healthThe ” of decompression little skill that offers “ to suit middleaged man is read, the content of ” of decompression little skill that if you like these “ that share very much,suits middleaged man, hope you suit the ” of decompression little skill of middleaged man through “ , find toHealthythe golden key of the road.

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