Bask can promote compound amine to increase fighting capacity – 1 – flies China bisexual

Introduction: &Nbsp;
If the man wants to become the ” soldier ” in sexual life, have to promote body the compound amine inside, bask to have this effect more.

Most propbably, normal man hopes he is inSexual lifeCan hit in ” protracted battle ” . For this, maleQualityBe willing to try different remedy and remedial method. Dan Helan black must strap a research that supports a college to discover, have ” happy hormone ” the compound amine that say is a kind of delightful nerve delivers vegetable, its content discretion and brisk rate decidedSexual loveAbiding.

Masaier points out the alienist, research shows, the compound amine inside body of premature ejaculation man is not active, secrete less. But if be opposite,these males undertake light stimulus, with respect to the exudation that can increase compound amine.

Dr. Simon of university of Er of Canadian wheat auspicious points out, to outdoors go, bask more, can promote the standard of compound amine in the head. Even if cloudy day, human body receives reception natural light, also have the effect that enhances compound amine. Bask everyday, “Aid a gender ” the effect is optimal. The United States returns Ceng Yan to give out a kind of tailor-made tube, the light-wave that releases can rise to mix the action with similar sun’s rays.