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  Make love for the first timeWhat does the note have? For the first timeSex what feels? A lot of schoolgirls toMake love for the first timeQuiteScared, this kind of psychology belongs to normal psychology, fear results from fear the body bears to feel sorely, make love after all not to ache for the first time? Make love for the first timeWhat feeling be? First nightWhat note is there? Understand together.

   First time may be a bit painful, as a result of,beHymenBurst; the 2nd, first time tension is brought about greatly too lubricant decrease, also can cause ache. Accordingly, doctor proposalForeplayWant to had been done, the below half body before beginning should lubricate adequately, the movement wants gentleness, not cloddish, can cause ache otherwise.

   First time sex note should understand above all the feeling of two people is in relevant knowledge to go up somehow, the relation of development also is very natural business on the bed, before the first individual character loves, both sides does not need to feel bashful actually, understanding knowledge of a few physiology appropriately is very important, understand oneself body enoughly, to invite opposite party as far as possible contented.

   If the sanitation that notices external genital organs does not do sanitation, cause inflammation very easily, the beginning before notices to wash official of external genital organs with Wen Shui, meanwhile, after the end, also should use right amount cleanness clean, healthy position. Do a foreplay more after all, this is first time, can have a few incontrollable oneself mood, but the man does not answer tooAngst, had better do a foreplay more, chat, Kiss, feeling alleviates etc the intense concern between both sides, meanwhile, enough foreplay can prevent the theme of excessive ache.

   Not too fast, when also wanting too rough first time to make love, ensure the light is enough, have profit to both sides, otherwise easy burst, even strut, nervous, bashful with fear, all these feelings exist, but want keep one’s hair on, not hurried, come slowly, do not do too much.

   You can retry a few times for the first time, what the likelihood cannot enter is successful, this is very normal also, failure can try a few times, try to relax drive, if be very painful, you can use right amount lubricant, reduce Hymen to wear away the ache that cause.

   Do not think can get hurt exotic foreign matter is close to the vagina, how many meeting is a little unwell, but, before if do not have,happening, be thought in cerebrum this is ” painful ” , so, new sense can be regarded as special anguish naturally, plus intense sentiment, meeting aggravate is aching, the feeling of cognitive intense sexual excitement, this may let a person feel excited.

   Short time is normal first time, because this person lacks sexual knowledge, not before experience, appear too excited, can have the appearance of premature ejaculation, this is very normal, later the growth of sexual knowledge, of experience accumulate, add both sides tacitter and tacitter, slowly OK and normal.

   Choose the man of the easiest position first time and woman, do not need to use fresh, the pose with complex what, mix the simpliest traditional, the man is in to the woman best pose, however, in this process, can be in in feminine hip a pillow, such shade road junction that it can be gone to the lavatory, smoother.

   Do not bleed certainly even if maiden, the likelihood did not bleed, in fact, normally the circumstance issues female Hymen, the failure that the action that there is a lot of in daily life may cause, accordingly, do not need to baffle, from needless conflict.

   If you do not need to have a child,must take contraceptive step, do not want to eat prophylactic, so great majority must use condom, unused rhythm, because mortality is tall, often do not use the ejaculation outside body, affect the health of male sex function easily, had made contraceptive step, prevent the happening of the accident, whole process is more safe.