The first belle of check world is beautiful fall the name of the first belle of whose home world – 1-1 – flying Hua Jiankang net

The first belle of worldWho be, a lot of people like to see a beauty, the thing that feels good always is so find the scenery pleasing to both the eye and the mind, The first belle of worldIt is whose everybody is full of curiosity, female star is so much, will lookThe first belle of worldWho be?

Aishwarya of the first belle is in India is very famous. 1994, she wins the world in south AfricaYoung ladyPick beautiful game. She is commissioner of the first international film festival, by England ” hello ” the magazine is judged for ” the most attractive woman on the world ” .

Germany the first belle — · of sea the base of a fruit overcomes Lumuhaidi Kelumu, german model, victoria angel. Become me 18 years old when, I played the game choosing the United States on a magazine that encourages by my high school classmate. I set foot on T stage, never had accepted. Huge success was gained on T stage.

Russia Wo Jinuo child of · of Li of graceful tower of the first belle, the face of graceful Dali Wojinuowa falls in love at first sight: Deep blue eye, slightly up nose, the delicate and melting cheek like peach can be broken, the temperament between the girl and woman, inviolable, a bit disturbed still.

· of general of the name of a river in Shaanxi and Henan provinces inside admire overcomes Lucipeineiluopu Keluci is Spain the first belle, she has the wild beauty of Spanish girl, grow and smooth and ablaze hair, conspicuous sexy and plump red lip, strong different national condition is moved.

Sara · brief, the first is born in the Australian belle of Melbourne, having Italian blood relationship, the Sara of eye of fair green jade is having the figure like the devil, her calendar is annual it is Australian sales volume is the largest, her profession develops not F1 of be confined to. In Australia, the most welcome motion is rugger. Sara the last few years can be seen in the total final of every sports season. Her arrival makes the atmosphere of Melbourne cricket reached boiling point.

Zhang Zilin, the first beautiful woman of Chinese, was born in Heibei to visit Shijiazhuang town on March 22, 1984, be brought up in Beijing. The model of chinese mainland and actor, china the first ” world young lady ” champion. In final of young lady of the 57th world, zhang Zilin of Chinese young lady shows itself, carry off champion of tounament of world young lady. This is Chinese belleFor the first timeWin the contest choosing the United States of world-class.