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   The expression of kidney empty, What does the symptom of kidney empty have, the symptom of kidney empty, kidney empty symptom, the symptom of feminine kidney empty has what splanchnic organ to send empty, Human bodyWhole function can get great influence. Kidney empty is commonner organic deficit situation, how can judge nephritic deficit earlier, try to enter fill? This is about to be clear aboutThe expression of kidney empty. In daily life, everybody always should pay close attention to health, whenThe expression of kidney emptyMore outstanding when, adopt remedy ability to redeem health instantly. So, The expression of kidney empty, what does the symptom of kidney empty have?

   6 big common kidney empty symptom
   1, get fat
   Food intake quantity did not increase, life as usual, but weight is increasing. Although you exercise 9 hours everyday, the effect is not ideal also. Although very few somebody will be fat,with kidney empty connection is together, but in fact, kidney empty is one of fat main prime culprit, you must admit.
   2, increase trichomadesis
   You once had had a lovely black long hair, but it is sere recently, lost luster? Best shampoo and nurse product, the major of weekly nurses, cannot remedy the awkward situation on your head. Next whether is the issue that you must consider you concerned completely with kidney function. Before congratulating you to take an exam lucky.

   3, palpebral oedema
   When you awake in the morning, your eye is dry. Perhaps you think because,this is before today you work before computer too long. The eyelid below careful observation is swollen fierce. Be careful, these are the evidence of kidney empty, the generation that explains the kidney cannot use uric liquid is seasonable eduction body endotoxin, its function is dropping.
   4, the gender is chill
   More than 30 years old when, you should be a wolf like the tiger originally, but you became a nun in cloister however. Kidney empty may be a culprit.
   5, annoy before menopause
   Wet red, night sweat, Menstrual cycleAfterwards, the mood is fluctuant… symptoms of these the turn of life, if you are 30 years old, should examine nephritic issue. Long-termFatigueThe person consenescence that brings about kidney empty is faster.
   6, be afraid of cold
   Whether does the person in the office feel proper temperature always lets you quiver, this makes you and your fellow worker very hard reach with respect to air conditioning temperature consistent. Whether are you always worn morer than others, whether to meet after the cold diarrhoea. The doctor of traditional Chinese medicine thinks this isKidney deficiency of yang(Kidney empty) those who cause.

   What does the symptom of feminine kidney empty have?
   1, Huang Heban
   Kidney enrages inadequacy, cannot moist skin, often appear in cheekbone ministry flaxen, Brown or butterfly body is light black spot piece, border is clear, constant companion hasMenstruation is not moved.
   2, black circle
   In theory of doctor of traditional Chinese medicine, black delegate kidney, Black rim of the eyeRepresent kidney empty. And not only kidney empty, a lot of other organs are ill, and can build up inside very long period of time kidney, this is us often say ” chronic and kidney ” the black rim of the eye that can appear.
   3, be afraid of cold
   Kidney this world is the foundation that systemic this world enrages. Life activity is promoted by Yang Qi. If kidney is in relief insufficient, the body cannot wringing, can be afraid of cold.

   4, menstruation is not moved
   The doctor of traditional Chinese medicine thinks, be full of gas blood when the kidney only when, ability adjustment enrages blood, when it is normal to should develop arteries and veins and function of kidney arteries and veins only, menstrual cycle ability is normal. Accordingly, kidney gas inadequacy is the main factor that menstruation does not move. Constant companion has kidney theory giddy, body leg of frail, waist is faint, abdominal distension.
   5, infecund not Yo
   Kidney deficiency of yang, cannot absorb spermatozoon to enter gestation, constant companion menstruate is cadaverous, lumbago, giddy, be afraid of cold, lack of power wait for a symptom.
   6, backache
   The doctor of traditional Chinese medicine thinks ” the home that the waist is kidney ” , kidney empty can be behaved for lumbago, its characteristic is dog-tired hind secret anguish.
   7, osteoporosis
   Reason: Kidney is the main source of bone, kidney empty suffers from an osteoporosis easily, be in especially in after senile woman the turn of life more common.