Those sexual responsibilities that the woman on the bed can bear least of all – 1-1 – flying Hua Jiankang net

The thing that the woman on the bed can suffer least of all

1, the foreplay of muddle through one’s work

The woman often meets the foreplay that shows consideration for tenderness regards as is love to reflect, meticulous and considerate caress is the appreciation of pair of her bodies not only, also be the real situation is revealed. This truth although many people are reasonable, but still can the man is considered oneself approach a theme oneself continuously, can make feminine heart unripe feel disgusted only so, more do not talk to finish beautiful sexual love.

Expert viewpoint: Physiology characteristic of the female, decided her need is longer excited. The man begins the caressing action before in sexual life, include kiss, hug, touch, massage even, conduce to woman excitement.

2, do not tell sanitation, do not take insurance to cover

Because,be probably lazy, it is to like probably extemporaneous make love, a lot of men can reject to bathe before make love. More those who make feminine head painful is, because do not like ” attempt an ineffective solution ” , a few men reject to take insurance to cover even. But, insecure sexual love brought a female a variety of trouble, include disease of department of gynaecology, abortion to wait, so, the woman can bear least of all, those are bathing and be sure to cover the with her oppose man on the problem namely.

Expert viewpoint: From physiology feature of the female, contract sexual disease to reproductive path, the female is affected more easily. This also is to allow a woman more the Yuan that asks clean because.

3, after making love, touch the pillow to sleep greatly

After if be in,making love, because you are dog-tired and touch the pillow go off, neither one woman won’t think so: “ he just regards me as discharge tool, he loves me far from. Dr. Zhu Di still points out therapist of famous sex of ” United States, the person is in sex process, the leaf after the hypophysis of cerebrum can be secreted urges affection element, make the person produces what lukewarm thaw wants to embrace to look, and the woman arises more easily than the man this kind is hormonal. So, after making love, the woman can long to embrace and be caressed more.

Expert viewpoint: The woman comes adagio than male sex excitement, scald in order to remove hairs or feathers of the disappear after same orgasm is gotten slow also, the man can continue to give a few stimulation, help her slowly disappear scald in order to remove hairs or feathers.

4, improper sexual requirement

No matter she is dog-tired, or it is the body uncomfortable, know to offer the man that the gender asks blindly only, can make feminine heart unripe feel disgusted only, feel you care her far from, and care about oneself only look. Making love is the thing with willing both sides originally, once loath, can become aware suddenly dull insipidity.