Perfective 9 kinds of means of the life – flying Hua Jiankang net

1. Be good at using sexual illusion

The sexual illusion that shares each other can be passion of sexual relationship infuse, ignite sexual desire afresh. Cerebrum is our most powerful sexual organs. Cerebrum makes us capable to be in any time, place, enjoy sexual love with any objects. The illusion lets us cast off what the gender is used to to manacle, new stimulation and experience try in sexual love. The greatest gender illusion can offer acme pleasure, they are the reaction of good life, it is us in actual life begs and the extravagant hopes that does not get. What differ with reality is, we can imagine brandish of come as soon as called to the gender go namely, achieve the result of promotion or depressive sex excitement with this. We often use sexual illusion to make we concentrate mind, dedicated in the sexual experience at instantly. This conduces to us preoccupied at oneself.

2. The utterance in sexual love communicates

In sexual love unbroken garrulous language provides the magic power that urge affection more. Each other feeling, be fond of and desire know through communication between the spouse, the harmony that maintains the body in sexual love is interactive, promote sexual fun greatly from this, this bit is very important to both sides. Nevertheless, the experience place that occupies me knows, the sex that each other never talk about between most husband and wife experiences, for instance, sexual love is good it is bad, whether to bring to them contented. I feel fab, in both sides of husband and wife the closest hour, each other do not know the place of the other side thinks of place to want actually. Open your mouth, the feeling that speaks you!

3. changes sex place

This is not meant want you to be worn in the rock on big droplight make love, can try to be in nevertheless the chair perhaps makes love on sofa.

4. heeds the spouse’s demand

A lot of men are not the sweetheart with dye-in-the-wood skill. Male people great majority does not understand the importance of the foreplay. The kiss in the foreplay, hug and caress can bring a woman not only excitement and cheerful, also be to arouse them sexual excitement, make their acquired character satisfies necessary step. Although we often think the man can be easier than the woman, more apace obtains excitement and achieve orgasm, but not all man is so blunt on the gender. I believe the man also needs the feeling in sexual love what interactive place brings is excited and contented. If the man wants to share acme pleasure of sexual love with the spouse, they need to feel they are loved, be adored, be cherished. But a lot of women gave the total liability of dominant sexual love man.

5. lengthens sexual experience

Want to achieve the goal that lengthens sexual experience, the woman’s sexual desire should be brought into play adequately to rise in the foreplay, maintain each other next of a sexual enthusiasm burn continuously, if one party is willing, can now and then pause is momentary. Bear down on when the passion of love summit summit, cannot hold back when, the climax of bilateral will collective acquired character experiences.

6. and partner are close

Very few somebody is obtained from inside one-night standing contented, most person thinks, besides carnal attraction, love is essential element, and love a person to have to understand each other truly. In fact, sexual love is the final action that understands each other. But to know the other side, you must shine above all a yourself. Most person does this is nodded very hard. We can feel weak, be afraid of be rejected. But perfect sexual love can come true below the circumstance that I do not think both sides does not understand in each other. Understanding the other side and the tree evergreen that showing his is affection are basic element. If above held concurrently at 2 o’clock,provide, both sides can be adopted in sexual love active.

7. Know pattern face-lifting

Man and woman can get the bewitch of environment and atmosphere. Without doubt, faint ray, subdued color, soft background music, delightful aroma, euphonic honey-tongued the move that feels with plasticity is installed can be sexual love to pave a road build the bridge, raise close possibility. But the way that you also can try other to increase interest and method.

8. improves sexual love to experience

After understanding oneself function force gradually when you, you can be known accept or reject somewhat in sexual love. You want to enjoy the good one side in sexual love, put an end to bad one side. Accordingly, you need more active ground and the other side to communicate your sexual likes and dislikes. Function affects Kang Tai of your body and mind, if the gender brings you, is negative effect, you have the right perfective the life. How don’t acquired character is satisfied and have fixed pattern. The gender is the thing of because of the person different, but if both sides can be reached to sexual longing,agree, so sexual love can coruscate gives boundless pleasure.

9. appropriate solves a problem

Emotional question is inevitable, but if both sides is treated seriously, can resolve contradiction and conflict through business of explanation, discussion chime. Sexual relationship also is such, but want appropriate to handle these issues, you need enough skill, patient understanding and eclectic manner.