The world of indispensible cate of nutrient element _ before 5 big pregnant

The essential nutrient element before 5 big pregnant

2016-05-26 15:40:44

Guide language: Mom of a lot of pregnant is used to again compensatory after knowing to be pregnant nutrition, actually fetal health and intelligence, especially congenital constitution often rises to had decided momently then from what become oosperm. This raises taller requirement with respect to the body state when the quality to parental spermatozoon and ovum and conception. To make sure Mu Ying is healthy, must begin to adjust oneself nutrition from the preparation before pregnant becomes pregnant.

1, the vigor that adds spermatozoon and egg

Both sides of husband and wife because spermatozoon or ovum vigor are not strong and send be pregnant unsuccessful example is relatively much see, eat lean lean, egg more kind, product of piscine shrimp, hepatic, legume and bean products, sea, fresh vegetable and season fruit, can improve the certain blemish of spermatozoon and ovum, increase conception odds.