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Cookbook of man Zhuang Yang

2012-02-07 14:21:43

How does man kidney empty fill?

Kidney empty body asks for: Nocturnal frequent micturition acerbity leg of of no use of much, energy, waist much dream of soft, insomnia, bosom is fuggy tine of deaf of short, tinnitus, deal with an offender shakes, Wei of easy head cold, limb is cold be afraid of cold.

Cookbook of man Zhuang Yang

Filling kidney still is male winter fill ” grand opera ” . The male of kidney empty behaves the acid that it is a waist, limb more cold, leg function of soft, sex drops, the symptom such as tinnitus, winter food is entered fill should in order to fill kidney solid is in relief, essence of the solid that raise blood is this.

Advance filling principle: To the male of kidney empty, winter is entered fill should eat the food such as fish, shrimp, oyster and leek more. This kind of food contains a lot ofammonia of acid of sulphur of protein, ox, essence acid and zinc, the whip of the animal and soft-shelled turtle also are filling kidney go up beautiful choice.

Winter should be much edible a few slant at tepid sex especially can the food of this world of lukewarm filling kidney, absorb nutrition appropriately rich, lukewarm kidney writes essence of life, produce quantity of heat tall, easily digestive food, be like hotpot, the empty of complement, the gas of beneficial kidney, enhance immune power. Also but fruit of edible lukewarm sex, wait like big jujube, orange, persimmon, with enriching the blood beneficial kidney writes essence of life, resist cold evil.

Dietotherapy plan: : of soup of angelica ginger hotpot? Exhausted?0 is overcome, ginger 30 grams, hotpot 500 grams, yellow rice or millet wine, condiment is right amount. hotpot abluent, stripping and slicing, join angelica, ginger, yellow rice or millet wine and condiment, stew hour of the 1~2 that boil, eat the flesh to drink boiling water.