Food of 4 kinds of filling kidney encourages to the kidney _ cate the world

Food of 4 kinds of filling kidney encourages to the kidney

2014-07-27 08:53:18

Guide language: Common saying says: Male liver is afraid of an injury, female kidney is afraid of an injury. Kidney it may be said is very important to the woman, the female should experience the period of every month, arrive from October be pregnant childbirth, can make our kidney enrages deficit. If do not maintain well, can bring about our body function to back down, most what behave first is anile evidence. Want gas of filling kidney beneficial to prevent consenescence, might as well in daily in much ” carry ” feed, eat the food of filling kidney more, can help morale of our complement kidney so, tarry youth.

Understanding more filling kidney raises kidney cookbook, recommend beautiful day special subject: Flavor cate fills opportunely kidney

Have yam fault more not

Feed as the drug that has filling kidney effect taste amphibiously, yam is holding the position of the old. Eat yam, the taste that decoct fries boil to stew individual of complete according to will operate go, take 200 grams of 50 ~ everyday can. Besides filling kidney, yam is mixed to lung lienal benefiting effect is apparent also.

Food of 4 kinds of filling kidney encourages to the kidney

Do not have a thing to eat bit of medlar

The filling kidney action of medlar is stronger still, eating what medlar basically holds is a quantity, will tell commonly, one day eats enough, resemble eating currant to be being chewed in that way eat to go.

The edge drinks a filling kidney of black tea edge

Hill dogwood flesh 25 grams, dodder 25 grams, medlar 25 grams, head black 25 grams, above medicinal material is OK bubble water is become tea drink, OK also Bao soup is drunk, filling kidney result is right.

Filling kidney is raised colour have Wu Dou

Wu Dou meat of 50 grams, longan is 15 grams, red jujube 50 grams, wu Dou, will red jujube is abluent, flesh of Wu Dou, red jujube, longan is put into arenaceous boiler together, add 3 bowls of clear water again, slow fire decoct is made, wait for clear water to boil to 2/3 when, dross of take out noodles in soup can drinkable.

We can fill through food kidney beneficial is angry. But, nephritic stand or fall and be closely bound up of habits and customs, hurting kidney occasionally is filling kidney on certain level, you are below fine number bad habit that hurts kidney.