The summer takes the world of cate of _ of food of 10 kinds of clear blood more

The summer eats food of 10 kinds of clear blood more

2014-07-27 08:53:26

Guide language: You get every detail of the life neatly, but do you sweep blood? Blood is life is essential, have not only among them oxygen, dextrose, cholesterol, adipose the material that waits for a lot of dimension to run life, still assuming the heavy responsibility that for the whole body 60 trillion cells carry nutrition.

Blood is not clean, can become sticky stiff, flow not free, bring about the body thereby each organ function drops, and once blood is in insalubrious condition, the consenescence that can allow a woman shifts to an earlier date ceaselessly, let countenance and actual age easily not agree with. Come, do a general cleaning to blood together, let systemic unobstructed, ability is had without age condition.

Food of 10 big clear blood is relaxed broom blood impurity:

1, the optimal conditioning agent that green tea is blood pressure and blood sugar

Green tea can reduce the content of human body cholesterol and triglyceride. Additional, phenol of catechu of composition of specially good effect still is contained in green tea, have the effect that avoids haemal oxidation, those who prevent blood pressure, blood sugar is elevatory, make haemal circulation more smooth.

Such eating: An investigation makes clear, drink the green tea of 10 cups of above everyday, haemal place needs nutrient ability to be absorbed truly, but a difficult problem is really for the female that this drinks tea to loving, cannot make green tea composition perfect absorb at all, you are actually OK also ” take tea ” . The simplest method is ” join course with tea ” . green tea Xie Yan wear breaks end, knead next in surface of cooked wheaten food, for instance biscuit.

The summer eats food of 10 kinds of clear blood more

2, activator of circulation of blood of black soya bean

Black soya bean is a kind of magical food, can help ability of haemal circulation, metabolization strengthen, carry the whole body actively, make feminine complexion ruddy, endocrine also achieves balance status. This should be attributed to the cyanine element that contains in black soya bean, this is a kind of many phenol kind material, have favorable sanitarian effect to blood, and be absorbed extremely easily by human body, the effect cannot small inspect.

Such eating: In adding 120 grams black soya bean 200 milliliter water, immerse 12 hours, next reoccupy medium baking temperature boils 5 minutes, bean and fabaceous soup departure, bean cooks, fabaceous soup makes daily drink drinkable, successive edible can reach the action that enhances haemal circulation 3 days.

The steamed bread, evaporate appears tasty, can achieve good absorption, mouthfeel is very marvellous also, might as well try.

3, yangtao blood-vessel is withy edge tool

The vitamin C content of yangtao is quite rich. In yangtao of every 100 grams, contain C of 69 milligram vitamin, it is one of raw material with synthetic indispensable ossein. When body when the ossein inside is enough, can help us make the blood vessel with strong flexibility, and have adjust the action of blood pressure.

Such eating: Extract yangtao fruit juice, amid joins right amount honey can edible. Those who need an attention is, when extracting yangtao juice, had better withhold peel, because the nutriment of clear blood is contained likewise in yangtao skin, return the mouthfeel that can enhance fruit juice.

4, green pepper prevents blood caky, gas blood is straightway

We come the nutrient element that fine number green pepper contains — E of vitamin C, vitamin, carotene, can prevent blood effectively caky. Still have chlorophyll additionally, some toxin can be contained in effective cleared blood.

Such eating: Green pepper and other vegetable are different, it is united in wedlock with oil only, ability lets vitamin C, and carotene is easier by absorb inside human body. First-rate has a way is: The tendons of beef that use an ox, Chinese prickly ash, Jiang Pian, green and green pepper explode fry, him according to taste condiment went. The battalion nurturance branch of such green pepper is saved in good condition, make blood young 10 years old, you also will more beautiful.

5, cabbage skin wants to play, blood-vessel also wants to play

Cabbage can say to go up to haemal health is absolutely hero, its besides can have vitamin C, Potassium, calcic, prandial thread besides, still have the salt of different sulfur cyanic acid that fights oxidation active by force, and rare vitamin U and vitamin K, protect hemal mucous membrane, quicken haemal circulation, make blood-vessel more solid, bouncy.

Such eating: The meeting after salt of different sulfur cyanic acid heats is met prediction of a person’s luck in a given year, be being eaten raw so is first-rate method, daily 23 are beautiful. Additional, still can wait for condiment general with vinegar, salt its souse, flavour is much better, still have better clear blood effect!

6, bee glue enhances haemal immunity power

Bee glue is a good thing really — it is made by bee fat, have the very powerful effect that fight bacterium, be called ” natural vitamin ” . Meanwhile, there still is the nutrient element such as P of yellow alkyl ketone, yellow ketone, different yellow ketone, vitamin in bee glue, and those who abound is mineral, promote human body immunity force, prevent blood-vessel effectively to be oxidized, assure hemal youthful appearance, let haemal sticky consistency maintain in just good position.

Such eating: Might as well fluid of elite of choice bee glue, after using water dilute direct and drinkable, or fluid of bee glue elite right amount add fruit juice or in lactobacillus beverage drinkable, absorb the effect to also had comparatived.

7, qualitative model of blood of green slices of fish meat ” ashman “

There is very rich not saturated fatty acid in black carp, can improve blood to stick consistency. Additional, rich DHA still is contained in black carp, can reduce the content of bad cholesterol inside human body, it is blood cannot replace ” ashman ” , the coagulation that reduces fat of thrombus, blood odds, let splanchnic function hour hold perfect position.

Such eating: Pilchard, tuna belongs to green fish, suit a female often edible. But those who need an attention is, after black carp heats, most not saturated fatty acid can melt, a few active ingredient can disappear, first-rate eats a law to be eaten raw namely. Might as well taste of according to individual, join right amount vinegar, because vinegar has favorable bate blood-vessel effect, achieve the effect of kill two birds with one stone to haemal protection.

8, blood of dish of connected through one’s relatives discharges poisonous good helper

The mouthfeel of dish of connected through one’s relatives is admirable, make one of the woman’s pet food already! But a lot of people still do not know, it contains gum of magical brown alga candy, not only can enhance liver function, return the action that can enhance immune power. Well-known, liver is the hematopoiesis orgnaization with main human body, want its health only, haemal nature is clear. Additional, dish of connected through one’s relatives still contains unique algal mucus, outside the body of sodium element eduction that will adhere to in blood, achieve the goal that is haemal clear poison thereby.

Such eating: Put dish of connected through one’s relatives, bean curd piece, Xianggu mushroom into boiler, burn with soup-stock, pepper of rejoin salt, a few, sweet green, boil 10 minutes with medium baking temperature, can edible. So simple way, the nutrient play that lets dish of connected through one’s relatives gets incisively and vividly, promote blood to absorb, the blood that lets us is cleaner.

9, the thrombus with the strongest garlic ” fritter away implement “

A lot of women are garlic ” dielectric ” , but, begin from now, you should fall in love with it hard. The enzymatic active of cholesterol is synthesized in because the garlic element in garlic is OK abate liver, reduce the level of the cholesterol inside body thereby, protective blood is maintained in health. Additional, a kind of sulfide still is contained to call garlic new element in garlic, can reduce the formation of thrombus from germ.

Such eating: If regard the spice when making food as garlic only, that garlic element is about greatly wasted, might as well follow us one case, the method that uses souse will enjoy it — in cutting garlic flake to be put in arrack, next park is dark and ventilated handle 23 months, OK and direct edible! Everyday 13 can, feed more can destroy gastric mucous membrane, cause gastric ulcer, be just the opposite to what one wished.

10, buckwheat flour Jiang Ren is hemal, the body is stronger

The nutrition of buckwheat is then those who comparative is balanced, acid of peculiar lysine, lubricious ammonia, egg ammonia acid is haemal health needs amino acid, of the one hundred percent that be called ” perfect food ” . Besides, the vitamin B1 that blood needs circularly still is contained in buckwheat, the vitamin B2 of stimulative metabolization, choline, and the material such as nicotine acid. These nutrient composition can improve tall blood fat, purify blood, able-bodied and hemal, cannot miss.

Such eating: Use Xianggu mushroom silk, carrot silk, spinach Shui Chao respectively, reserve, can hold vegetable nutrient part so; Put buckwheat flour into clear water to thoroughly cook again; Fry stir-fry before stewing of Xianggu mushroom silk, spinach, carrot silk, join salt, chicken pink, old transfer flavour, put noodle, drench on balm mixes divide evenly can.