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The correct edible method of chicken, did you master?

2017-04-07 10:22:59

We are most the person knows to eat chicken to have compensatory nutrition, increase a lot of profit such as body immunity force, still can appear in edible however a few small errors, the result damaged health. The correct edible method of chicken, did you master really?

Easy get angry eats chicken less

Chicken sex is lukewarm, easy get angry, the cold is so calorific, inside fire slants the person of flourishing, phlegmy wet lay particular stress on, fat disease, suffer from the furuncle that heat up poison the person of disease of on the high side of fat of swollen person, hypertensive, blood, cholecystitis, bilestone is need diet chicken. In addition, furuncle of the excessive on liver this world and oral cavity debaucjed, skin is swollen, big the person that constipation writtens guarantee is unfavorable also edible chicken.

Additional, suffer from 3 fast crowds, and the person that the cold has a fever or is cholecystitis and gall-stone waits to all do not suit to eat chicken, otherwise not only right healthy without the help, return very possible can aggravating illness.

Body empty body is cold eat chicken more

Chicken, chicken broth is the puerpera’s nourishing traditional food, the body that conduces to a puerpera restores, promote galactic exudation, it is the indispensable nourishment in confinement. But the puerpera eats chicken to have exquisite. If postpartum the 2 lactescence inside week are insufficient, do not eat a hen. Because hen flesh contains a lot ofestrogen, can make lactescence decreases. Can eat cock meat at that time, cock flesh contains a lot ofandrogen, can defy estrogen and urge breast. The child that begins normal food also can add edible appropriately.