What cannot tall blood sugar eat? Food of high quantity of heat is the world of no-no _ cate

What cannot tall blood sugar eat? Food of high quantity of heat is no-no

2016-09-20 16:06:02

What cannot tall blood sugar eat, the patient’s incidence of a disease is very tall. Suffer from the person with tall blood sugar to have the high blood pressure of different level commonly, among them food is to cause the main reason with tall blood sugar.

What cannot tall blood sugar eat?

Cannot eat tall caloric food, wants those who eat low candy low cholesterol food. For instance of the animal splanchnic. Much edible vegetable and contain the fruit with low candy.

The first: Candy divides absorb. Tall blood sugar should notice a candy divides a problem especially. White sugar and red pond and candy make sweetmeat should not be use. Additional, contain the potato with more carbohydrate, sweet potato and carrot also should feed less.

The 2nd: Bovine oil, the butter and butter provision that contains animal fatty acid had better not be used. Patient of tall blood sugar can be replaced with vegetable oil partial animal oil perhaps does not eat as far as possible or eat less or reduce oil kind absorb.

The 3rd: Yoke and pluck contain quite high cholesterol content, unfavorable edible.

The 4th: The fructose that contains in the fruit can make blood sugar elevatory. General we think, it is advisable to be fed less.

The 5th: Wine kind. Alcohol basically is generation heat energy. Accordingly, patient of tall blood sugar should eat alcoholic drink less kind.

The 6th: Depend on to insulin model patient, want to eat cure below the doctor’s guidance.

The 7th: To the fat crowd that tall blood sugar causes. Want to control food not only, what to also want to cannot eat likewise? Include animal liver, above paragraphs says those are not possible.

The 8th: Not complete to kidney function patient, besides control a total caloric is absorbed, include to burn even at the same time salt is put inside dish. Accomplish as far as possible without salt.