Rhinitis of cold air irritability is sent high! The world of cate of _ of frequently-occurring disease of winter of prevention and cure

Rhinitis of cold air irritability is sent high! Frequently-occurring disease of winter of prevention and cure

2016-11-10 13:17:55

Air temperature drops every day, increasing person open goes out ” love demeanour, do not want temperature ” , be in the home ” nest quilt, hibernant ” winter life mode, a lot of diseases are closer and closer from us also… every arrive winter, disease of respiratory system disease, dermatosis, heart and vessels can search in succession come to come. If do not take care ” in action ” , often long treat heal hard, prevent and cure to just can let you be far from the devil’s talons of winter frequently-occurring disease ahead of schedule.

1, cold

Winter cold comes on commonly urgenter, most patient can be accompanied n&v snuffle, snorty, pharynx and larynx does painful, cough, have a headache, calorific wait for a symptom, time of most patient cough lasts longer, if the illness develops further, evolve tracheitis, bronchitic, turn into even chronic bronchitic.


Winter cold prevents besides should notice heat preservation exercises drink more, maintain indoor airiness besides, still should notice the following:

A. Feed should not be too full  Eat green vegetables, fruit, lean lean, egg kind with legume food, eat fat food; less to drink boiled water more, the moisture with compensatory and right amount attention comes the toxin in attenuant blood;

B. Often bask in wash put on things Often bask in wash bedding, pillow, use solar disinfection, prevent virus to cause;

C. Use base of hot water bubble everyday till temperature cannot be borne with be being heated up, crural water must have done not have instep, double foot wants after bubble aglow, everyday the time of bubble foot had better exceed 15 minutes, catch a cold to precaution so very useful.