Winter has these skin clubs the world of cate of marvellous Da _

Winter eats these skin club marvellous Da

2016-12-08 17:52:13

Respecting winter cate, everybody the likelihood that thinks of for a short while is heat is hot chaffy dish, appetizing string, all sorts of distinguishing feature that see with everywhere are fastfood, what hare head, 3 cannon, dragon copies chicken of earthen bowl of hand, earthen bowl to wait a moment, delicious to let you cannot extricate oneself.

Nevertheless, these very warm looking feed material to be done not have actually so healthy, eat much return meeting get angry. Winter is fed fill to still can try these Qing Dynasty fill feed capable person. Later development introduces for you.


A thick soup of banana lily tremella


Recommend reason: Tremella calls a tremella again, belong to tremella of division of true fungus tremella to belong to, having ” the coronal in bacterium ” good name. Connect river the birthplace that is tremella, “The countryside of Chinese tremella ” , connect river tremella to pledge with its thick, flesh is stewed tenderly, easily originally change and be famous in global.

Effect and action

Tremella is having ” the coronal in bacterium ” good name, its effect also is very rich!

Rich protein is contained in ① tremella, adipose and a variety of amino acid, mineral reach glycogen. In addition still contain algal sugar, manna sugar alcohol, nutrient value is very high, have Fu Zhengjiang’s strong effect, it is a kind of advanced and alimentary cordial.

② is rich and natural plant sex is colloid, add effect of its method of treating yin deficiency by reinforcing body fluid and nourishing the blood, it is OK to be taken for a long time embellish skin, go out facial ministry yellow speckle, fleck.

The prandial fiber in ③ tremella can aid peristalsis of intestines and stomach, decrease adipose absorb, achieve the result that reduce weight thereby.

④ is used at treating lung to heat up dry cough of dry of cough, lung, xue Er can increase hepatic and alexipharmic capacity, have the effect that protect liver. Tremella is chronic to old age heart disease of former sex of bronchitic, lung has certain curative effect.

It can enhance ⑤ the immune force of human body, bring lymphocyte into play, strengthen leucocyte gobble up ability, function of excited and medullary hematopoiesis.


The common practice of tremella is to use Bao boiling water, feed capable person one case with what all sorts of differring Bao all sorts of soup, congee of soup of Xue Li of a thick soup of medlar of tremella of soup of steak of tremella of a thick soup of tremella of red jujube of soup of rock candy tremella, lotus seed, lily, yam, tremella, tremella…