Cope with the world of methodological _ cate that food choke coughs technically

Cope with the method that food choke coughs technically

2016-12-26 14:51:02

3 years old of much little boys, father mother regards him as baby is same. In the morning, mom feeds him to take a steamed bread, after he just ate 3 two, open mom’s hand with hand push desperately, look very uncomfortable. Mom feels the likelihood is too dry, darling not feel like eating, take water to came to a few feed darling.

See darling complexion is bad, still not utter a word, mom thinks darling is certainly was gone to by choke, feed water to the child desperately.

Who knows, darling not only drink no less than going to water, complexion also becomes paly, mom fears to rise, adopting the child at once mad same ground runnings toward the hospital.

After reaching a hospital, the doctor discovers the child had done not have breath and heartbeat, the body is paly empurple, temperature also was done not have, do a heart to anabiosis to darling instantly then. But, many minutes 20 went, darling still does not have reaction, the doctor told mother regretfully this sad news of the death.

Mom should be handled so originally

Above all, 5 minutes when begin to empurple in child complexion in, if seasonable inflict heart is pressed,press, the possibility that the child survives is very tall. But, because mom is ignorant, abandoned this ” gold 5 minutes ” .

Next, once the child is gone to by food choke, must not feed water to the child, such not only helpless issue pharynx at food, possible still water choke air inlet duct.

At that time, must try to use the hand points to or chopstick, the throat of exciting child (of the tongue 2/3) , make the child come out eyewinker vomiting. Or a hand holds the child two buccal, let the child bend over to go up in the knee of adult, flap be carried on the back after the child 1, 5, see the child whether spit the eyewinker.

Of a little life parting, the father mother that give inattentivegeneral idea ring alarm bell noisy. To a few food that leave pharynx not easily, ten million remembers the child gives edible again after crumbing.

If old person or child have a foreign body,card was in guttural, appear difficulty of asphyxial, breath, choke coughs to breathe to stop suddenly even, must not pat a back to perhaps extend throat to take with finger, because do not have the effect not only so, and can make eyewinker more extend respiratory tract!

The method that later development will give everybody to share a kind to cope with food choke technically to cough — ” sea Mu establishs standard of gram emergency treatment ” , according to weighing this kind of method tens of year the life that will had helped 1 million person.