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White fermented bean curd and red fermented bean curd have why to differ

2016-12-17 14:00:31

Fermented bean curd is called again ” Chinese cheese ” , traditional doctor of traditional Chinese medicine thinks sex of fermented bean curd is flavour pleasant, lukewarm, have invigorate the circulation of blood to change silt, be good at lienal disappear is fed wait for action. Contemporary dietetics proves, the indispensible and amino acid that bean curd can get more benefit is absorbed at digesting after the course ferments, nicotinic acid, calcium mineral. The vitamin B12 that ferments in still can getting provision of general plant sex, be done not have especially.

Differ according to making method and burden, nutrition of the color of fermented bean curd, gust also somewhat difference. White fermented bean curd does not add any complementary makings, show instinctive quality. Red fermented bean curd is by bloat base adds song of red music, liquor, face and albumen enzymatic wait to ferment and be become, the Luo Fa that contains in red music his man has important sense to reducing blood pressure and hematic fat, have certain sanitarian effect. Green fermented bean curd, it is breast of strong-smelling preserved bean curd actually, bitter oar water, salt solution was added in souse and the cyan that present an ancient stemmed cup or bowl, ferment than other breed more complete, and contain more amino acid and ester kind. Spend fermented bean curd, general meeting adds seed of chili, sesame seed, shrimp, balm, ham, Chinese cabbage, Xianggu mushroom to wait, its nutriment is the most complete. In addition, can have above some fermented bean curd for nothing bit, actually that is crystallization of cheese ammonia acid, can be at ease edible.

Divide outside eating directly, fermented bean curd can remove an ode in cooking salty, add sweet, mention the action such as delicacy, explode like fermented bean curd the flesh, fermented bean curd is hollow steamed twisted roll of dish, fermented bean curd. Those who need an attention is, patient of ulcer of patient of disease of hypertensive, heart and vessels, gouty, nephrosis and gastric bowel path should eat less, lest accentuate illness; Average crowd appropriate takes a few fermented bean curd or low salt fermented bean curd makes food of the reentry after juice.

Some people are unfavorable eat fermented bean curd:

Notable is, sulfide is contained after fermented bean curd ferments, excessive edible is harmful to human body health, because this eats half every time sufficient. Additionally fermented bean curd contains salt and purine amount general taller, appropriate of patient of ulcer of disease of hypertensive, heart and vessels, gouty, nephrosis, enteron eats less or do not eat.