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Is holothurian nutrition rich and adipose little choose high grade and holothurian what skill is there?

2017-03-02 17:07:09

Holothurian nutrition value is very high, and have pretty good mouthfeel, it is a kind of seafood that a lot of people like. But, a lot of people do not know holothurian how should eat, how should choose, below we for say.

Do holothurian effect much

1, cholesterol of holothurian and embedded some is low, adipose content is opposite less, it is food of typical high protein, low adipose, low cholesterol, to patient and the old people such as hypertensive, coronary heart disease, hepatitis can says dietotherapy beautiful is tasted, often edible has profit by force to treating a disease very much personally;

2, holothurian contain vitriolic cartilage element, conduce to human body growing development, can defer muscle consenescence, enhance the immune power of airframe;

3, first what the content of holothurian microelement vanadium resides all sorts of food, can participate in the transportation of the iron in blood, enhance hematopoiesis function;

4, the research scholar of the closest United States from holothurian in extraction gives a kind of special substance- – holothurian toxin, this kind of compound can restrain a variety of mould and certain mankind cancer cell effectively grow and transfer;

5, edible is holothurian wait to all have fine effect to aplastic anemia, diabetic, gastric ulcer;

6, holothurian flavour Gan Xian, sex is lukewarm, enter classics of heart, kidney, lienal, lung;

Holothurian edible is no-no

1, cannot exceed everyday: Everyday feeding filling method holothurianly is more comfortable fit qualitative weakling. To healthy crowd, especially the place with drier climate, the holothurian meeting of edible excessive is caused ” suffer from excessive internal heat ” . Long-term edible is holothurian, be sure to keep in mind not to exceed everyday.

2, unfavorable with contain tannic acid fruit to feed together: Holothurian cannot wait for acidity fruit or food with persimmon, grape, pomegranate, hawkthorn together edible, prevent holothurian in contained tannic acid brings about albumen caky, affect thereby digest absorb.

3, spring should feed less holothurian: Spring is the season of easy get angry, especially north and inland spring climate are drier, in edible so holothurian moment should decrease appropriately.

4, the person that result of liver, kidney differs should feed less: Holothurian can empty of lukewarm filling kidney, have the effect of beneficial kidney filling essence, but holothurian meeting increases the edible of excessive liver kidney burden, so, liver kidney function is poorer person be sure to keep in mind not gluttonous oh.

5, deep treatment of dish method avoid by all means: From holothurian nutrient angle for, holothurian edible is more delicate better, boiled in clear soup, water is boiled, the holothurian dish practice of cold and dressed with sause can holothurian in contains nurture pledges all reservation comes down, and flavour is delicious, square like the cooking such as braise in soy sauce law can destroy holothurian and original nutrition component, nourishing effect can sell at a discount greatly.