5 kinds of methods abstain longan to do his to start work more set one’s mind at _ cate the world

5 kinds of methods abstain longan to do his to start work more set one’s mind at

2017-03-30 09:21:13

Annual 7, August, a lot of families can buy a few jins of longan to come back to eat, arrived to think of to eat in the winter nevertheless fresh longan is more difficult, even if have the longan that turns over season not delicious also, do not have so that eat fresh longan, the move such as the longan doing that still one caboodle piles round billow you are gotten come home. Buy the longan outside to work nevertheless, still start work as oneself bask in, but had better be in the summer when had basked in longan doing, otherwise the word in the winter is forced stoving, nevertheless flavour may have some of difference.

Bask in longan to work, want above all longan pick, wash clean later, put into water to boil finally, put next basking in to sunshine finally with respect to Ok. A whole method that basks in longan doing is stuck below, autarky, longan doing eats ceaseless!

[bask in longan to work]

Raw material: Fresh longan


1, longan is bought is one string is strung together, should cut a bead so oh, do not cut broken skin carefully, even winkle a few good-looking longan just go.

2, clean longan to breath out, put longan wash in dish, had better be to use faucet to be rinsed directly.

3, the longan that boil, 1-2 is boiled in bowl putting longan after heating hot water minute, can be scooped, this one pace is helpful for behind the insolation of longan.

4, bask in longan. Put longan in 3-4 day is basked in below the sun, must insolation longan oh.

5, finally, in putting cutcha longan polybag sealed save with respect to Ok.